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Our processing and point of sale options are perfect for:

- Pet Sitters
- Dog Trainers
- Pet Supply Retailers
- E-Commerce Stores
- Dog Walkers
- Groomers
- Resorts & Kennels
- Any Large or Small Pet-Related Business, Product or Service

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Mobile Processing

Staying safe while keeping your business moving

Easily offer contactless dine-in service and fast, easy takeout and delivery, without disrupting your operations. 

Mobile payments refer to any payment made using a mobile device. Due to our ever-increasing smartphone dependence, various ways have been developed to allow consumers to pay conveniently through a phone.

Contactless payments are pretty much what they sound like—a way of paying for goods or services without physically needing to swipe your card in a machine or pass it to another person. If you've even seen a passerby tap their phone at a checkout counter to pay for their latte, you've witnessed the technology in action.

Virtual Terminal

virtual terminal is a solution that turns your computer into a payment-processing device, as long as it has internet access. Merchants can use a virtual terminal to process a transaction once they've collected a customer's information over the phone, web, by mail or even in person.

Take orders online or over the phone and process payments on the spot. Key in credit card details and process a payment anywhere you have an internet connection. Your transactions will instantly appear on your Activity page.

Create recurring payments with autopay. Allow your customers to enable autopay on recurring invoices. Payment will process on the frequency you set.


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